Where and how are original commissioned works used?

Pax has written new compositions for instrumental/vocal students, weddings, wedding anniversaries, organization anniversaries, worship settings, birthdays, concerts, fundraisers, theatrical productions, film scores and more. Pax writes a wide variety of music for choral, instrumental and theatre groups, including SATB, SSAA and TTBB choral groups, string quartets, instrumental solos and duets, full orchestra, chamber orchestra, dancers, devisors and more. Pax writes in many musical styles, including (but not limited to) neo-classical, musical theater, contemporary choral, sacred, pop, singer/songwriter and more.

Some ideas:

  • Commission new music for a theatrical production, including interstitial music for transitions or live music for actor-musicians to play.
  • Commission an original piece for a beginning instrumental or vocal student. A work created specifically for them (or with their input) can be a helpful motivator to continue playing.
  • Commission an original piece for a performance group or place of worship. Original works can capture the unique identity, style or values of a performance group or congregation.
  • Commission an original piece for your wedding or the wedding of loved ones. Their ceremony should be as unique and original as they are!
  • Support the musical arts at a school by commissioning an original work for one of their choral groups. Performing a tailor-made original piece can help students learn how music is conceived and notated.

Will I have input into the text and/or style of the piece?

Yes! Your input is vital to the process and being a part of the creative process will increase your investment in the piece. This piece will be a reflection of your ideas! If you don’t have ideas for the text (if vocal/choral) or style of the piece, Pax will be happy to give you suggestions or inspiration. Once the elements have been determined, Pax can also provide you with a short sample of the piece to ensure you’re happy with the direction of the creative process.

When my commissioned work is completed, what materials will I receive?

Your commissioned work will be conceived and notated on a computer program called Finale. This program creates professional-level sheet music and Pax will provide you with digital copies of the score and all individual parts as needed. You will also receive a computer-created sound file to hear what the piece sounds like. After that, you or others can use the sheet music to perform your original commissioned work live or in use for recording by Pax or others.

How much does a original commissioned work cost?

While composition is a time-consuming task, Pax is able to give very competitive rates for original compositions and is always willing to negotiate. The amount of labor required and cost will vary greatly based on the number/type of instruments selected and desired length of the piece. Use the information below as a guide, but don’t hesitate to inquire about lower rates:

  • 1 instrument/voice: $75 per minute of completed music
  • 2 instruments/voices: $100 per minute of completed music
  • a choral ensemble: $125-175 per minute of completed music
  • a large instrumental ensemble: $200 per minute of completed music
  • live theatrical music: contact Pax with details for more information

The amount of labor required and cost will also vary greatly based on the desired style/difficulty of the piece. To receive a quote for a commissioned composition, please use the contact form below.

Request a Quote from the Composer

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